The MAKE-A-BOLSTER becomes a circular bolster providing a firm support for yoga restorative and asana practice whether at home or traveling, and eliminates paying a checked baggage fee for a bolster when traveling by air.

When traveling or being stored, the MAKE-A-BOLSTER is portable, compact, and flat. A blanket from your hotel room or home is folded to approximate the bolster width, tightly rolled incorporating a sleep pillow, placed in the center and zipped to form the round bolster. The tighter the roll, the firmer the bolster. Depending on blanket size, a thick bath towel or second blanket may be needed.

The unique design of the MAKE-A-BOLSTER is patented by yoga instructor Lerna Clearman. MAKE-A-BOLSTER is made from doubled layered drapery weight decorator fabric with a separating zipper sewn from both the back and front sides to assure durability. Choose from print, solid, or stripe. Or call to see what specific colors/designs are currently available as fabric choices change frequently.

The Make-A-Bolster for yoga is approximately 9” diameter available in regular (27” to 29” tall) or long (30” to 34” tall). A smaller Make-A-Bolster sized specifically for Thai massage is approximately 5” diameter and 21” tall and available only in pairs.

Shipping is reduced for multiple bolsters shipped to the same address. Shipping is free on orders of 5 or more shipped to the same address within USA.

Starting at $34.99 + shipping



I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to share all of the wonderful benefits and experiences of yoga offered in an educational setting. I have been teaching yoga for Crandall ISD Community Education since 2006.

I believe you'll discover a uniquely enriching experience when you integrate yoga into your lifestyle. The focus of our classes is on deepening your asana practice through a safe, rewarding and beneficial journey to wellness and serenity, where everyone--no matter body type or limitations--feels a sense of belonging, support and achievement.

I began practicing yoga in my mid 50s when my body seemed to be responding less to vigorous exercise, less willing to do what I wanted it to do. I began simply because it was less intense and seemed easier on my joints. What I found was through the wonderful stretching and the focus on breathing that my body was willing to do more and more, bringing greater flexibility than I had ever experienced. But for me the real joy of yoga are the calming elements. With the practice of yoga, one learns to truly appreciate your body and develop a sense of being ageless.

In 2009 I completed the YOGAFIT's 200-hour Teacher Training Program and 2013 completed the 500-hour program; both programs are approved by Yoga Alliance.  Continuing in the therapeutic path of study, I have completed independent studies with Judith Hanson Lasater for Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Moving with the Organs, and Restorative Yoga.  I am now certified through Yoga Bridge of  Denton (funded by the Bradie James Foundation) to teach yoga for cancer patients.   I hope to be able to add a practice of therapeutic yoga to my class schedule in the future.

For questions about group classes, schedules or special classes, or private instruction, you may reach me via email at: lernamayclearman@gmail.com

YOGA CLASSES are in Kaufman at 504 S. Houston St. FREE INTRO SERIES OF 7 CLASSES STARTS 9/6/17 CALL 972-452-8864 TO REGISTER


A beginner level class and is ideal for those who think they are too out of shape, not flexible, too big or too small, too young or too old, have physical limitations, or just prefer a less vigorous class. This class is 50-60 minutes.

MON & WED - 9:30am


A class for experienced beginners or intermediate level practitioners. Different variations and progression of poses are practiced in sequence and linked with breath. This class is 75 minutes.



Offers a nice balance of modifications for beginners to keep the flow of poses at the gentle level yet offers more challenging variations for intermediates. This class is 60-70 minutes.

TUES & THUR - 9:30am and 5:45pm

All classes are open to men and women. Anyone can join at any time.



Tuition for the ongoing classes is $45 prepaid for the month for unlimited classes at either location. Tuition is due the first class of each month. If starting mid-month, tuition is prorated and prepaid for remaining classes. Of, students may choose to pay for each class as they attend at the walk-in rate of $10 per class.

Check calendar for restorative classes, introduction, or other special classes offered periodically by reservation only. Call 972-452-8864 for details and to secure your place or for information about any class details/location.



If you have decided to try a yoga class, congratulations!  I'll do my best to guide you joyfully through your wonderful journey!  The "Introduction to Yoga"  series is best  to start if you are new to yoga.  But if that series is not immediately available, don't wait---the Gentle Yoga is specifically for beginners, since we take time to study proper alignment, working with our own unique anatomy.  This class covers the basics of yoga so is an excellent starting point.  Anyone can begin in this class at any time.

What to Bring and How to Prepare

You need a mat specifically for yoga, 68" or longer.  These are available at Walmart, Academy, Target, etc. usually for less than $15.  Yoga is practiced on an empty or near empty stomach--meals usually no more than 3 hours prior to class.  A light snack before class is fine.  Wear clothing that allows you a full range of motion---loose fitting or stretch, whatever is most comfortable for you.  Yoga is done barefoot.

You are required to complete a Student Information and Waiver of Liability form before participating in class. Every student should make the instructor aware of  current  injuries or chronic limitations before class. Turn off your cell phone or pager before entering the classroom and sign in on the attendance sheet provided. In class we strive to direct our attention inward and practice with determination and quiet focus.  You are always welcome to quietly ask questions of the instructor during class, but it is disruptive to the class as a whole to talk during class.  Tuition is collected at your second class so that you can evaluate your first class without obligation.

Listening to your Body

It is important to respect your body's limitations in your yoga practice, intent on inward reflection to build harmony between the body, the mind and the breath ---- always listening to the body and allowing the body to tell us when to ease back from intensity.

There is no competition in yoga, no comparison of ourselves with others, no need to push ourselves in any way.  Your yoga practice is yours and yours alone.  Your individual practice should be about the process (the journey) and not about the end result (the destination).  If you take your time, listen to your body, then yoga can be a very healing, rewarding and rejuvenating experience.

Dimmed lights and soft music provide a tranquil atmosphere.  Letting go of competition, expectations and judgment allow us to keep an open and reverent quality throughout our practice creating harmony with the breath, body and spirit.  The last few minutes of class is devoted to final relaxation or savasana where guided imagery allows us to relax each area of the body and quiet the mind for a short time.  This time of quiet stillness is just as important as the other poses of our practice.  

Etiquette Do's and Don'ts

DO SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONE OR PAGER.    DON'T enter  the class more than five minutes after it has begun and DON'T leave early--- it's disruptive to others.  DO pick up and neatly put away any props you use.  DO remove your shoes as you enter the class before signing in or setting up your mat and props.  DON'T wear strong perfumes or fragrances to class as others may be sensitive. DO be aware that the time before class begins is a quiet time to allow you and those around you to disconnect from distractions and to settle into your breath. DO feel free to use the time before class to quietly discuss with the instructor any questions you may have about the class or specific poses.


Yoga was practiced in India thousands of years ago to allow bodies to be in a restful comfortable state during prolonged periods of meditation. The practice of asanas (poses or postures) prepares the body to quiet the mind.

Yoga is a personal journey to discover the authentic internal self each time you step on the mat. Practice is about accepting yourself just as you are and embracing it, to feel open and eager in the exploration of the benefits a yoga practice can bring.

You will learn how to listen to your individual needs and respect your body while working through poses, flows and stretches that, if done with patience and compassion, will bring improvement in many areas of your health. You will Increase your body awareness to easily distinguish between comfortable, not comfortable, slightly uncomfortable and very uncomfortable to allow you to find your threshold where you feel really good in a stretch or feel your muscles really working without painful or discomfort, and then working gently with yourself to push that threshold a little further with time.